Holographic Wellness: Leaping Past Oral Supplements Into The Future

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

Holographic wellness technology, virtually unheard of just a few years ago, might just be the breakthrough in the health & wellness sector that no one expected.

We understand today, consumers are putting their dollars on wellness solutions rather than luxury goods. As reported by the South China Morning Post in December 2017, mainland consumers are set to spend more on health, experience and premium products in 2018. Another report by the PwC also shows that there is a shift in the global consumer trend towards health and wellness products.

Influenced by social media, owning branded items takes second place to looking and feeling good. Maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise have become a priority lifestyle choice for the modern human.

Health-conscious individuals are turning to dietary supplements as means to improving their health, filling nutritional gaps or improving their fitness and energy levels.

According to the 2017 CRN Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements, the use of dietary supplements among Americans increased by 12% over the last decade. Today, more than 3 in 4 U.S. adults are health supplement users.

In 2017, a record-high 76% of Americans reported supplement usage.

While we are not discounting the potential health benefits of consuming health supplements or using beauty products or injections, these could bring about unwanted side effects or reliance, especially when obtained from non-reputable sources.

You might be thinking, so, what is holographic wellness or what are the benefits of using holographic wellness products?

Holographic wellness, a form of alternative therapy, could potentially change the way we practice holistic living. It makes use of scalar waves (zero potential longitudinal energy waves, different from harmful Bluetooth or infrared rays), that can penetrate any solid matter. Scalar waves travel faster than the speed of light. These waves are used to imprint information onto a holographic disc that the body needs to “read” for healing or achieving balance.

Holographic discs are not intangible in nature. Rather, they come in the form of adhesive patches and are applied onto the various meridian points (acupoints) of the body.

These discs stimulate various acupoints via scalar waves. The body “reads” the stored information from the holographic disc and triggers the necessary response. For example, information of active ingredients of pain medication could be stored and when the patch is adhered to the skin, the body “reads” the information to alleviate pain and inflammation.

The holographic disc is placed onto various acupoints to help the body realign itself.

There are a wide range of holographic discs available on the market, each providing users with a specific wellness benefit. Popular product types include pain relief, better sleep quality, enhanced energy levels and reduced sinus symptoms. The power of these solutions is not only the ability to complement user ideals of healthy lifestyle, but it is safe, affordable, side-effect free and easy to use without the need of ingestion or needle.

Why is it safe and side-effect free? Simple, it has no active ingredients as compared to majority of the wellness products in the global market.

In recent years, holographic wellness product manufacturers have launched fitness wristbands with attached holographic discs, tapping on the booming market for wearable technology in the wellness space.

Though holographic wellness technology is still very much being researched, there is also a rising trend in the use of holographic wellness technology not only in wellness but also beauty. Existing studies have also shown tremendous positive effects for the benefits it claims to provide.

Adding that to thousands of positive user testimonies, most of whom shared the health improvements that they enjoyed and experienced positive changes in their bodies by using holographic discs, it is certainly a wellness solution worth keeping an eye on or even trying.

User Testimonials


Portland, Oregon, USA

I travel a lot and jet lag can be a major problem. I have found the holographic disc to be extremely helpful in minimizing the fatigue and stress acquired from long-distance travel. I highly recommend the product to anyone who are looking to realign their body to its natural function.

Kim Eun-Jung

South Korea

When I was in my early forties, I suffered from poor stomach health. One day, I found a solution to my problem, which is the holographic disc. After using it from 3 days, the body aches and strains I had for a long time were gone! I was even able to start exercising the following month. I would like to share this experience with people looking for a side-effect-free method of pain relief.

For more written or video testimonials, visit https://www.holographicwellness.com/testimonials and discover for yourself, the power of holographic wellness and its vast benefits.


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