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Acupuncture is one of the main forms of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It has been practiced as a medical art for over 3,500 years. In the past 30-40 years, Western science has become dominant. Most traditional folk medicines have vanished as Western medicine entered other cultures. Not so with TCM. In fact, TCM acupuncture, in particular, has gradually moved from complete rejection by Western science to being acknowledged as possibly beneficial, to acceptance of clear benefits. It is now making its way onto the main stage of inquiry at the top research institutions in the world.



Acupuncture is based on the flow of energy (Qi) through energy channels in the body (meridians). Wellness can be compromised when the flow of this energy is altered or impeded by various causes. Improved energy flow, and thus wellness, can be achieved through stimulation of various acupoints that have been determined by thousands of years of trial and error. However, no one has proven this is how acupuncture actually works. One challenge in determining the mechanics of acupuncture through Western science has been the focus of Western medicine on biochemistry. Even the obviously electrical systems in the body, such as the heart and the nervous system, are studied from a biochemical standpoint in Western medicine. There is an embarrassing paucity of inquiry into the classical physical aspects of biology. These include quantum mechanics, non-chemical energy transfer, electromagnetic fields, and the effects of subatomic particle spin on such things as cellular energy, cell-to-cell communication, and the interaction between organisms and their environment. Only recently have any of these things received even rudimentary attention from the Western scientific community. However, that is changing. As Dr. Mehmet Oz stated on the Oprah TV show in 2007, "We begin to realize that the next big frontier ... in medicine is energy medicine." 


Despite not understanding the exact mechanism of the action of acupuncture, Western medicine has shown in well-designed studies that acupuncture does work. There are now hundreds of studies from top Western research institutions that are published in the most prestigious peer-reviewed journals showing the beneficial effects of acupuncture. This doesn’t mean that all benefits of acupuncture will not be hotly debated amongst Western physicians for years to come. But studies take time. For example, just the pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy in menopausal women have been studied for decades. Hundreds of studies involving hundreds of thousands of patients cannot facilitate agreement on the subject and it is still debated heatedly amongst different scientific camps. How can we expect acupuncture to escape controversy? Nevertheless, acupuncture continues to creep into mainstream Western medicine, and this trend will not only continue but accelerate. 



Scalar Wave Technology


In science in general, and physics in particular, there are many theorists and many inventors. Those who focus on the advancement of the scientific and mathematical theory are usually considered to be theorists, such as Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, Stephen Hawking, and Makoto Kobayashi. Those who play with theories to produce practical applications I can be considered inventors, such as Karl Benz, Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers, Henry Sampson, and Bill Gates. There is a much smaller group of iconic individuals that can be considered theoretical inventors. These are individuals who advance theory, then apply it to practical application. These are individuals such as Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Nicola Tesla, and Konstantin Meyl. These are brilliant individuals who not only want to know how and why, but also want to know what they can do with that knowledge in the real world.


For scalar technology, Nicola Tesla is key. Tesla not only helped advance theoretical aspects of physics but put such theories into practice by discovering the alternating electric current, fluorescent light bulbs, the radio, the induction motor, etc., which have dramatically changed our lives. As with all theoretical physicists, not all of Tesla’s theories were accepted and some of them were soundly refuted in scientific studies. However, several of his theories, including longitudinal scalar waves and wireless transmission of energy, though never disproven were nevertheless abandoned by mainstream physicists.



Even bedrock theories such as quantum mechanics, general and special relativity, and the speed of light as the absolute limitation on velocity have various unanswered aspects and are debated in the physics community. Scientists often dismiss theories that potentially contradict mainstream ideas, sometimes in a hostile manner. Such has been the case with Tesla’s theories of longitudinal scalar waves and the wireless propagation of energy. For years these ideas were buried in the great abyss of discarded scientific theories.


This was not until a small group of independent-minded, maverick physicists started performing experiments that confirm predictions of Tesla’s most audacious theory: the wireless transmission of electricity via longitudinal scalar waves. Even at this time, after hundreds of amateur scientists demonstrated the ability to transmit electricity wirelessly, using Tesla coils and by following Tesla’s theory, many mainstream physicists are quick to call it all hogwash. They cannot explain how receivers that have no physical connection with transmitters, or any other power source, are generating electricity. For some reason, these concepts are beneath their consideration.


Nearly 20 years ago, a brilliant young engineer and physicist, Konstantin Meyl, became intrigued by demonstrations of these "rogue scientists" and started looking for a theoretical explanation for Tesla’s predictions. Professor Meyl’s initial work was dedicated to the three-dimensional calculation of eddy currents. Looking at Tesla’s theories, scalar waves in particular, Meyl looked for a theoretical explanation. In this pursuit, he believes he has discovered a fundamental flaw in Maxwell’s equations. By correcting these equations and combining them with Faradays law of induction, Professor Meyl developed a unified theory of electromagnetism. His theory postulates the existence of electric vortices and potential vortices propagating energy by longitudinal scalar waves. The mainstream physics community is quick to call this pseudoscience. Again, the problem with ignoring Professor Meyl’s work is that his theory ends up accurately predicting what Tesla postulated. Likewise, hundreds of people are independently producing the predicted results, both with electricity and radio waves. The details of Professor Meyl’s work is beyond the scope of this website, but for those interested in his research, visit his website at: 



There are very significant differences in the properties of transverse and longitudinal waves in general, but particularly in scalar waves produced by Tesla coils. A transverse wave’s amplitude fluctuates at a 90° angle to the direction of propagation of the wave. A longitudinal wave’s amplitude is perpendicular with the direction of propagation. A Tesla scalar wave is more like a vibration of electric potential in the direction of propagation of the wave. (Figure 1)




​세로 진동파 (종파)




​가로 진동파 (횡파)


Figure 1

Likewise, the electric and magnetic fields of a transverse wave are also at 90° angles from the direction of propagation, which both oscillate perpendicularly to each other as well as to the direction of energy transfer. (Figure 2)



​방사선 방향


Figure 2

In contrast, the electromagnetic field generated by scalar waves produced between Tesla coils is more similar to a classic dipole magnetic field, but more extensive and pervasive as the magnetic field is not only generated between the transmitter and the receiver, but additional fields are also generated between the antennas and the ground. (Figure 3)

Electromagnetic field generated by Tesla Coil




송신 코일

수신 코일

Figure 3

Some of the unique characteristics and properties of Tesla scalar waves are as follows:


1. They penetrate solid objects, including Faraday Cages


2. They transmit data, as well as energy


3. The energy in the wave increases over the course of transmission


4. Transmitters and receivers communicate with each other, as they are in resonance


All of the above properties have been demonstrated in experimental settings. Property #2 and #4 are crucial for the holographic wellness technology. Through a proprietary process proposed by Professor Meyl, and the production of Tesla scalar waves,  holographic wellness technology is created. Scalar waves can be produced that are in harmony (resonance) with the energy and data chosen for specific functions. 


This is done by using a formula based on input from several experts in metabolic physiology. Scalar waves are put in resonance with this formula, then passed through it to the holographic discs. Scalar waves are able to pick up both an energy and a data blueprint from the formula and charge it into the disc. The formulas are different for different effects, but the process of charging with harmonic scalar waves is the same for all varieties. It is this charging process that makes holographic wellness technology different from current mainstream products.


So how does a scalar wave pick up the bioactive data and energy from the formula and impregnate it into the holographic disc? Well, no one really knows, It is accepted that the direction of electron spin is important in biological systems. That is one reason why only one mirror image of a stereoisomer of any biological molecule is active and the other stereoisomer is inactive. It has also been determined that the direction of electron spin in charging holographic discs is critical to their effectiveness. As a result, the leading theory is that the scalar wave is able to take an imprint of the energy signal from the substances in our various formulas and then charge the holographic with that data.Studies are being designed to explain the precise mechanism of this process. Some of these studies involve the photogenic and magnetic resonance of various biologicals, including DNA. Regardless, it can be confirmed that the data is getting into the discs because of physiologic effects were seen when the discs are applied.


Since scalar waves are composed of electric potentials, it has also been theorized that they can propagate at speeds faster than the speed of light. Some individuals feel this characteristic is already proven, From a theoretical standpoint, there should be no limit to the velocity of propagation.



Storage & Transfer of Data & Energy


The entire concept of the holographic wellness technology is the ability to stimulate acupoints with energy and data transdermally. In order to do this, a means to store and transfer energy and data is necessary. Holographic technology has shown the ability to store the largest amount of data in the smallest space. There are many substances shown to be programmable with scalar waves, but to discs, the holographic disc is clearly able to store the most data in the smallest space, making it ideal for holographic wellness technology.


There have been many claims made about holographic discs. As a result, there are misunderstandings regarding their role. Some companies claim that the holographic disc itself is involved in the process of wellness enhancement. The holographic wellness technology does not ascribe any magical or mysterious properties to holographic discs. We have no reason to believe that they do anything more than act as a storage and transfer device. It is the unique way holographic wellness technology is able to charge the holographic discs with energy and data from the Tesla scalar waves that make hologram technology unique.


Holographic discs can be encoded with data. Unlike a laser, A transverse electromagnetic wave, the harmonic Tesla scalar wave with its more pervasive magnetic field and sensitivity to direction of electron spin, is able to extract data from biologicals and encode that data onto the disc.


So, how do the data and energy get transferred through the skin to stimulate an acupoint and energize a meridian when a disc is properly placed? Again, This can't be shown yet. However, again, it is a fact that data is transferred based on the physiological effects that can be seen in individuals when the discs are applied. However, the precise mechanism of how data gets transferred is debated amongst the scientists we work with. One theory is that the holographic disc acts as a capacitor that discharges infinitesimally small, but clinically significant, electrical signals in response to subtle temperature differences between the two sides of the disc. Another theory is that the disc acts as a Tesla antenna and emits scalar waves at the acupoint. Yet another theory holds that the holographic disc is able to capture light, then emit photons with the proper resonant spin to send a signal down the meridian.  Experiments are being designed to determine what actually occurs. In the meantime,  physiological effects can be seen in clinical studies. And, hundreds of thousands of individuals are experiencing health benefits without any side effects.



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