Holographic Wellness Technology

Everything you need to know about this technology

How does Holographic Wellness Technology Work?

Holographic Wellness Technology is the research and development of health

and wellness products in the form of silicon holographics discs, that are charged

with energy and data. These holographic discs are placed over acupoints to simulate acupunture without the use of needles.

Embedded data is formulated by an expert physician

Holographic disc is placed over acupoint

Data is imprinted into disc via scalar waves:

Production of the holographic disc :

Data from the disc stimulates acupoint transdermally:

What is Holograpic Wellness Technology Based on?

Nikola Tesla

Holographic Wellness Technology is based on the principles and the use of scalar waves to charge holographic discs with biological signaling for healing purpose.


Scalar waves were first discovered in the late 19th century by Nikola Tesla, a physicist best known for his contributions to the study of electricity and electromagnetism.

Tesla was the first physicist to theorize and then prove that scalar waves, also known as cold electricity, can be transmitted wirelessly and at the same time carry biological signals and information which can be used for healing purpose instead of ingesting the actual substances.

Dr. Konstantin Meyl

Dr. Konstantin Meyl is a scientist, researcher, professor and author who is teaching at the university of applied sciences in Furtwangen, Germany. Meyl is well known for his research of scalar wave theory and is one of the leading authorities on scalar wave technology.

He developed a self-consistent field theory which serves to derive at all known interactions of the so-called potential vortex, a construct to explain sub-nuclear mechanics and dynamics. Instead of the normally used Maxwell equation, Prof. Meyl chooses Faradays law of induction, as a hypothetical factor, and proved that the electric vortex is a part thereof thus creating the nuclear particles such as electrons, neutrons and protons.

His theory is based on an extension of the Maxwell theory and as such is a special case scenario that does not violate the first law of thermodynamics about preservation of energy.

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